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July Giveaway - Tokyo Shopping Spree

This month we are excited to giveaway a TokyoMade gift voucher to the value of $50.


For your chance to win a TokyoMade shopping spree leave your response to the following in the comment box...

TokyoMade is designed to be an online Tokyo shopping experience, but if you could come to Tokyo for one day with unlimited funds what would you shop for?

The randomly picked winner will be announced at the end of July, comment as many times as you like! Gambatte!

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June Giveaway Winner

We have really enjoyed reading all of your ideas and comments! Thank you!

The randomly picked winner of the TiFdyL bdges and postcards is Irit who wrote "I just love how modern Japanese design is still very much influenced by tradition. This perfect combination creates very unique designs, which are both cutting edge yet so very Japanese."

Thanks to you all once again for great comments.


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Comments (42)

I love the fashion in Tokyo, so I'd have to hit up as many apparel/accessories stores as I can. Especially in the Harajuku district.. I'd have so much fun there. I feel like clothing there would probably fit me better than things in the US generally do, too. I'm barely 5'0", so it'd be awesome to -- for once -- find some clothing that doesn't completely engulf me! :)

Unlimited funds in Tokyo? Oh my!
I think I would shop for clothings and accessories around Harajuku and Omotesando hills, there's so many little cute little stores there! And if I still got time, I would go to some fabric stores and buy myself a heap of nice fabrics and buttons!


I would have to start the day really early and hit up a really expensive sushi bar near Tsukiji markets.
Then, off to Harajuku and Shibuya to all the stores they don't have here in Osaka (Top Shop, H&M, etc..)...

Anyway. My point is, food and clothes! 2 f the absolute best things Japan has to offer.


Wow, unlimited funds?? I'm a huge fan of Japanese fashion, so I'd go shopping until I dropped, and then buy all of the cute and awesome bento boxes and accessories that I could carry. Next, I would go to Sanrio and buy Hello Kitty stuff, and then to a music store to get awesome J-Rock cds. The perfect ending to my day would be dinner at a themed restaurant followed by all night karaoke with friends!

Priscilla Chow:

OMG like.. everything! Appliances, stationary, clothing, DEFINITELY FOOD, electronics, cultural stuff, artwork, music, ... perhaps some property? hahah :)

Irene Julian:

Everything lol :)

Obviously all the awesome fashion clothes I could find by designers there. Everyone I meet that buys any piece of clothing from Tyoko, I've always loved it's flare.

I would check out Maniac (who I learned about from Sea of Shoes) who she said this about their locations? "The three stores that the Maniac corp owns are Bedrock in Omotesando Hills, Le Grand Bleu in Azabudai, and Circus in Daikanyama."

They have the silkist and oversized neat clothing I ever seen. http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/sea_of_shoes/2009/06/maniacal-about-maniac.html

and of course checking out non name brand stuff there too. I would shop for coats, tops, jeans, socks and of course, funky shoes! I would look for a nice back pack that stands out and then try to avoid Kiddyland and eat at interesting themed cafes! haha


I would go crazy running around trying to hit as many shops as I could. I would buy as many clothes as I could and also make sure I got some cute accessories to go with the outfits. And if I had any time left I would probably try to buy one of those kooky inventions that the Japanese make like the toilet roll on the head so you always had a tissue ready or the baby-grow that is mop so that as the baby crawls it cleans the floor. I have always loved that Japan mixes fun into their designs


Buy lots of far eastern themed clothing and then eat myself silly on Japanese food!

It is super cool reading your responses! Reminds us why we love this city so much. One day is just NOT enough, is it? :)


Hello Kitty stuff, gashapon toys, and any other cute/kawaii items I could find.
Also, traditional Japanese handicrafts, such as Maneki Neko and Inu Hariko figurines, which I happen to collect.

I'd shop for funky, kitschy purses and plastic food like they showcase in restaurants.

Katie K.:

If I were to win this month's contest, I probably would definitely buy some kind of accessory, like a tote or bag, because I go through these like crazy and I love interesting and unique designs for bags. I also really like some of the necklaces, like the Dokomodemo Tondeike (http://www.tokyomade.com/product_info.php?products_id=791) or a Blabla Mix Scarf! You can never have enough scarves!


Unlimited in Tokyo, first getting my best friend from Kamakura there to help out, then going to Kichijoji and checking out Shinjuku, Shibuya not just clothes but FOOD, my favorite thing about Japan Oishiiiiii !!


Unlimited funds in one of the fashion capitals in the world! That is like a dream come true! I would hit as many high fashion stores as possible such as MARUI, YUMI and I would also get some traditional clothes like kimonos and yukatas!

Oh! And I would so go to Akihabara and do the whole Akihabara fashion and possibly go to an anime themed cafe! Yay Otakus!

I would also seek the opportunity to accessorize with bracelets and earrings! And besides all the great clothes, I would completely pig out on all the delicious food with some authentic sushi and takayaki! And I would definitely hit up the street food vendors! YUM!!

Basically I would end up buying so much clothes that I would need to purchase a few more suitcases to carry them back. And I would eat so much food that I would probably gain a few in the process but how cares, right? Its Japan after all...its worth it!



Oh my goodness,i loooove everything kawaiii in Tokyo.....
I will go crazy and being like a child wanting to see everrything,oh my,it will be wonderful!!!!!!!


I'd search for lots of little San-x items, especially Nyanko and Mamegomas - so cute! Then I'd track down a sushi-shaped USB memory stick (I soooo want one!). If funds were completely unlimited, I'd finish the day with the ultimate purchase - a Nissan Skyline!


Hello Kitty Memorabilia

Kayleigh Chapman:

Wow... unlimited funds! I'd start the day off with an awesome sushi meal, followed up by clothes and beauty shopping.

Kayleigh Chapman:

Oh and not to forget... I'd definitely hit the electronics stores for the latest phones an computer goodies!

Caroline Scott:

If I had limitless money I'd definitely spend my day buying beautiful vintage/antique fabrics and kimonos plus some stunning antique fans to go with them.

Deanne Batterman:

Since I was a young child, I have been in love with all things Japanese. If I were to win the gift voucher, it would be extremely difficult to decide what to buy from TokyoMade.com. I may decide to buy a cute kimono for my dog, whom, by the way, I named "Geisha".

Thank you.


the first thing i'll do when the airplane lands is find a good fabric and craft store. japanese crafts are SUPERRRRRB! i'll indulge myself in patterns and books written in a language i love but cannnot yet understand. then, i'll splurge on a lot of crafting supplies and japanese YARN and make as many things as i possible can to give to people i meet in tokyo. YES!!


I'd hit up the famous Harajuku District and shop for fashion that the district is so well known for all over the world!I'd also buy a lovely kimono from the geisha area. The fashion will be what draws me to Tokyo!


I'd start by going to the vintage shops. I really want a first generation Licca doll! I'd also probably spend most of my time looking for showa era home decor. I'd definitely stop by Parco and buy myself a few things from my favorite stores (Candy Stripper, Vivienne Westwood, Swimmer) and end the night drinking coffee and eating a home cooked meal at my cousins in Chiba.


I would buy a really huge house, or an entire block, so my aunt could live there with my cousings for free and forget their rent, then I could rent the other rooms and spaces for families, and I`d be able to get money and place to stay everytime I go back to Japan.

In the rest of the day I would shop food, fabrics, electronics, fashion brands, etc. 'Cause I`m a human too.


Simple, Ramen.


I would shop for some fabulous shoes for me and my friends.


Vintage famicom carts, humorous buttons, hats, fancy bread makers that also make layered cakes with patterns on them, plastic ramen display models, segways, unusual clocks, and a lamp (my lamp is broken).


Japanese stuff is fun &cute.

Eric Zhang:

In fact i am going tokyo end of this month.. i lovr thr japanese arena swimming trunks and their apparel. their singlets etc.. if i have unlimited funds i will buy the whole shop of arena japan apparels and trunks collection :)

Kelly Ann T.:

I would buy some Japanese beauty products such as Haba, Nippon Kodo, and Nami.

I would like some Evisu jeans and of course some I'Miusa, sweet style tops.

I would also want to go to an authentic Japanese restaurant and then clubbing later.

Glenn Marshall:

The entire contents of Mandarake Manga/Anime

First I would come visit you guys so you could take me shopping at all the right places! Then I would spend the rest of my money on one of the kind art, knick knacks, toys and figurines, jewelry, and of course lots of yummy foods and candies!!! Oh yeah, don't forget I collect Kokeshi!


I need a serious wardrobe overhaul, so a $50 gift cert would help my cause a LOT. (have been wearing too many of those oversized college t-shirts, if you know what I mean) bah!! Thank you! :)


I would shop for harajuku lovers and hello kitty and pucca.

I'd stock up on cyberpunk stuff - goggles, armor, gauntlets, boots, etc - as well as Japanese items like tabi socks, tabi boots, and of course Pocky! Basically the things I love that arent't easily available in the States. ;>


I'd buy tons and tons of Pocky!!! :-D


Cute fabrics. I missed out on the Fabric District when I visited Tokyo 2 years ago.


Besides tonkatsu, I would love to shop for CDs and clothes. I enjoy Japanese popular music and have always been interested in the way people in Japan dress. It appears to me that not much in Japan is too radical or too different. This ideaology breeds such positivity and I believe that while I am there, I would not mind shopping for more plane tickets to ensure that I come to Japan more often (and for longer than just one day!).

Nancy C.:

The first place that comes to mind is Harajuku! After that, since I'm not too familiar with the areas, I would go where the fashion guurus take me. The good thing about Japan is that no matter where you are, your bound to find some unique styles and stores, be it from local shops or famous brands.


There are so many places I would love to shop at, but my number one place to visit would be the lemonED shop in Harajuku because I'm a huge fan of Hideto Matsumoto. I would probably buy out the whole place with unlimited funds. I love the pillowcases and the apparel that replicates his own style. I'm also a huge fan of Mana (aka Mana-sama) so I'd have to track down his clothing line too.
Aside from them, I'd spend a lot of money in other shops in Harajuku! I love so many genres of Japanese fashion and to mix and match them, especially Visual Kei and Lolita/Gothic Lolita. Of course, I'd also stop by at Vivienne Westwood!

Then for accesories, I'd go to a San-x store, my favourite character is Mamegoma! I'd buy tons of accesories for my friends and family back home!

After all of that, I'd have to buy a new suitcase!

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