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Sharing the Love

After spending a day under the tracks down by the Futakotamagawa, snacking on way too many conbini treats and playing with colorful hula hoops it is time to share some internet space that we are loving.


Photo by Shirley77

We will always think of her as Asobi Geisha but this piece of internet gold is now known as Weekly Teinou Woman Bee. Some quirkiness maybe not safe for your workplace but definitely worth a peek. Written in Japanese but the pictures and links are just as entertaining.

Author, blogger, fashion designer and Gothic Lolita goddess La Carmina can now add Web Cam Star to her long list of achievements thanks to a chat up with host Kevin Cooney on the Tokyo Cooney program.

Tokyo-based; design, art and pop culture connoisseur Jean Snow made the exciting announcement this week that he will become one half of the PingMag editorial team.

PingMag truly is the source of much greatness for us and the rest of it's wide readership. The article written by Kevin Mcgue about Tsukikageya's fashion yukata is one of my all time favs. Punk Yukata anyone? Yes please!

Ooops almost 3am, getting close to dream time! More link love soon... oyasumi nasai!


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