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Resurrection Tokyo Freeze - Harajuku and Shibuya

Photo by Artsy Tigger
We knew the Freeze had been scheduled for Sunday and although we were heading to Yoyogi park, not far from the stagnant action, we thought we were too late for the event and likely just run in to friends on the way and catch up on the details. Luckily for us just as we were passing over the bridge where the Harajuku girls hang out we were grabbed by photographer Martine Cotton and told that we had a about 30 seconds to get into position.

Dumping or hoops we watched around eagerly to get the signal from the lead freezer! In no time and without any commotion we were frozen in time for 5 minutes. As Leila spent her 5 minutes hunched over digging for her ipod, I had a good view of the happenings. Close by I could spy many couples and trios frozen in place while the rest of the crowd wandered, stared, giggled, and took photos. A few tourists came along side me and whispered, "Is it OK to take a photo?" Of course I could not respond and so I would love to see the pics of the group of men who took plenty of snapshots of them with their arms around me as I stood there like a statue.

A super cool event with plenty of stories to catch up on after wards. We headed to Yoyogi to swap Tokyo Freeze stories and share the hoop love.


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